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e Procurement ROI calculator

 E Procurement Software . org is pleased to announce our latest offering - a ROI calculator.

And eprocurement ROI calculator can be an indicative tool to share as part of your overall stakeholder management and early in the project.  It should also be used throughout the project to keep focus on benefits realization.  A long detailed business cases is administrivia and is not required for e Procurement projects, however, a business case it is required.  It needs to be concise targeted and provide a clear description of the objectives and the methods to deliver those objectives off your e procurement project.

The ROI calculator can focus on many areas however it frequently neglects one of the most important; user satisfaction.  If user satisfaction is not a clear and articulated objective the probability of a successful project is significantly reduced.  Organizational change associated with eprocurement must be managed effectively.


Note:  Contact us for a e Procurement ROI calculator.